Awakening as a Lightworker and Starseed

 Consciousness is us and all around us. It is a part of life. A person’s soul is waiting to have a spiritual awakening at any given moment. We must know our power and be willing to step back into it. Once a person remembers that they are creating their reality, then the world is theirs once again. A starseed or lightworker tends to go through a troubled childhood before they step back into their power but that isn’t always the case. It really varies from person to person. 


I decided awhile back that I am dedicated to helping humanity rise to the next level of consciousness and that is the goal no matter what. This vision occurred after I had a very intense spiritual awakening and my spiritual enlightenment went to the next level. I decided that I was going to reprogram my subconscious mind and replace the negative programming with beliefs that served me. It has been a ride and journey. Reprogramming your subconscious mind takes dedication and willpower. I would wake up every single day and consciously instill particular beliefs on a daily basis.The key is the repetition on a daily basis in order to imprint your subconscious mind. If you miss a day then you need to restart your whole procedure. This has been a studied subject and daily imprinting is the key to changing neuropathways inside the brain. Another method is energy psychology where you can have a healer remove certain energies that have been stored inside the body and they have specific ways to remove it from your energy field. I learned the energy psychology method myself because I thought it would be a skill set that would serve me and humanity in the long run.


I believe spiritual awareness is so important because it is the stepping stone to spiritual enlightenment. My spiritual awakening started speeding up once I spent quality time reprogramming my subconscious mind and I felt my spiritual awareness continuing to rise feeling very grateful throughout the process. It wasn’t a process that happened overnight and I had to be patient and really committed to the process. These neurons took time to build within a person’s brain and as humans, we have been programmed to be a certain way even before birth so it only makes sense to have patience when reprogramming your being to a new way of thinking is involved. The goal is to get your thoughts and feelings on the same wavelength so that you can finally speak to the quantum field in a way that it will respond to you.


The process wasn’t always easy. I found myself wanting to quit at times but I realized that once I had my spiritual awakening there was no turning back. I couldn’t go back to being unconscious after I became conscious. I had to shake off the idea that life was just here and I’m just going to live in it. Instead, I chose that I will make my mark on it and leave a legacy that will enhance humanity at large. It might feel as if the world doesn’t need you, but trust me it does. You are important and you will continue to realize that as you go through your spiritual awakening. 


During my spiritual awakening, I have learned that consciousness is about experiencing the pain and not to escape from it but be with it. A piece of spiritual awareness is when you are aware of why you are experiencing a certain situation and what the lesson is trying to teach you. If you just ignore the lesson, then you will see the lesson repeat itself but just with different people inside your existence.


As a lightworker and starseed, I realize that it had taken me some time to remember the power I had within that I had lost sight of as a child. When I was a child, my spiritual awareness and consciousness were naturally expanded and I was in tune with my spirituality as most children are. However, when we get older and grow through our teenage years, we tend to forget who we are.


A few years ago I learned what a lightworker and starseed are, and it felt really comforting because I resonated with it immediately. It felt like I was finally back home. I am pretty sure you can relate to that feeling if you are going through your spiritual awakening. Once I became comfortable with remembering that I already know all I need to know but I just need to remember what my subconscious mind knows, my spiritual enlightenment started happening with ease. It gave me the confidence inside and I realized that I didn’t have to continue to search for answers inside of everyone else because all the answers were already within me. However, other people did help spark realizations within me. If I read or watched a video that resonated with me, it would sometimes provide instantaneous downloads inside my consciousness that gave me a remembering feeling and an understanding of what I had known but had forgotten that I had known.


I really believe that it is not a matter of learning from scratch but just remembering what we already know within and inside our subconscious mind. Spiritual enlightenment can happen with ease as long as we are patient with our unique spiritual awakening process because everyone’s is different. This life we live in is truly a beautiful process and we must willing to understand that our journey is unique just as our DNA and cells are different from everyone else even though we all live inside this universal subconscious mind together linked as one. Trust your own unique spiritual awakening and be patient as it unfolds day by day. The last thing you want to do is compare yourself to others because they may look as if their journey has been super easy but everyone in this world has had to go through their share of difficulties, so be grateful for who you are. You are special.


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