Spiritual Awakening Tips To Raise Your Awareness & Subconscious Mind

Spiritual awakening is defined as knowing yourself from inside and making a re-connection with the

reality at hand. It is reconnecting with one’s self and the divine one and becoming aware of your subconscious mind. 

When such connection happens, one’s true self-arises from within, and it helps you heal old wounds. 

Consciousness is a form of everything in life and people who are starseeds tend to start remembering this

eventually again as an example. Spiritual awareness allows one to be open to

everything and invite the Spirit of God (irrespective of religion) to enter his/her heart. Once you achieve

the spiritual awakening, a new perception and a new awareness of the world is created by you. Sometimes a past life

can have a subconscious effect on this reality you are in now. That happened with my past life.


Spiritual awakening is not an immediate change rather it is an experience. Some starseeds go through extremely 

difficult childhoods and they are very misunderstood. Lightworkers have to deal with this as well and 

they can experience intense situations to assist them in becoming a Lightworker. There are many ways to

achieve spiritual enlightenment. In the beginning stage, one will find himself or herself completely

engulfed in the present. The person will not have any binding for the past or any worry for the future. In

the subconscious mind, the person will find himself connected to nature. One can feel his soul is

merging with nature and can feel happiness in every small thing which is consciousness. In the final stage, the person will have a

feeling that he is everything in the world. The path to becoming spiritually enlightened varies for different people. 


Some people are considered as star seeds who are sent to earth on a mission to help others in achieving spiritual awakening. 

Starseeds are people who look or act like a normal human being, but the strong spiritual enlightenment puts them

in a state of complete amnesia from the outer world. A past life might have been so dramatic as well

and it was completely forgotten about. I had forgotten about my past life as a queen and when 

I remembered it felt really good! Although scientists have always questioned the

belief in star seeds, their existence is never ignored.Your subconscious mind is very powerful and will mold reality.


At the moment of your conception, your body was simply one cell, and that cell began to divide. From there you became a fetus, then you developed into a baby and were born. You progressed through the years as a toddler, a young child, a teenager, an adult, and eventually into middle age, and then old. These spiritual awakening progressions are evidence that you have never experienced being in just one body for any long period of time. At any moment, your body’s composition is constantly changing. With every breath you take, trillions of atoms and particles are brought into your system, and with every breath, you exhale, trillions of them are expelled.When you understand this constantly changing process, it becomes clear that you are not your body. 


During my teenage years, I would constantly look up into the sky and have a despair of missing it for some reason. My consciousness was aware of why I missed it and so was my subconscious mind but I wasn’t consciously aware of why. A few years ago I realized that those were symptoms of being a starseed and sometimes symptoms of a lightworker as well. This opened me up to my spiritual awakening and my spiritual awareness started to expand which led to my spiritual enlightenment. 


My spiritual awakening reminded me that the universe is my body. When I connected and decided to gain energy from the cosmos instead of from other people, my spiritual enlightenment happened naturally. I remembered that I and the universe are one and we have the same energy field which made my spiritual awareness shift to a higher vibration. 


Consciousness showed me that it is unlimited and vasts amounts of energy waiting to be picked up on through the universe and there is no need to think that it is limited because it is in fact limitless. My spiritual awakening also showed me that every event truly has significance and contains an important message that somehow pertains to the questions I have. Reprogramming my subconscious mind also helped to eliminate negative programming which then helped me to focus on the positive of every situation I was facing within my world. 


I also realized that our thoughts and our feelings are what keeps this reality that we see in front of us together. 

There are constant parallel universes going on simultaneously but the reality that we see in front of us is what

we are currently focused on so all the other infinite possibilities collapsed and this one reality became the main

one because that is where our focus is currently at. We can choose at any time to shift our focus to a different reality

in order to have it become our main reality but we must shift our thoughts and feelings together so that the reality

can manifest in front of our eyes. Our thoughts (brain) and our body (feelings) must be aligned together so that we

can speak the language of the quantum field. This is where meditation comes into practice. If we can get our thoughts

and feelings to speak the same language, then we are finally speaking the language of the universe and that is when

these magical things happen that are quite unexplainable.


As a starseed and lightworker, I believe it is my job to help others with their spiritual awakening. Sometimes all it takes is encouragement and support so we can feel understood and know that we are on the right path to our spiritual awakening. Please know that every step you are taking on your path is the right one which is leading and form your powerful story and destiny uniquely designed for you. 


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